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Project CKD UMED - Poland

Project of a data center in poland realized by our partner FAST Group sp. Z o.o ..

FAST Group sp. Z oo, as general contractor, participated in the project called "Construction of the team of specialist clinics and server rooms in building A2 of the Clinical and Educational Center of the Medical University of Łódź, at 251 Pomorska Street, as part of the 2nd construction phase CKD ".

Invisible - Innovative data center cooling units

Invisible - Innovative data center cooling units

LU-VE Group

The LU-VE Group brand is an international reference in the design, production and marketing of heat exchangers and components for commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment, air conditioning, industrial applications and close control air conditioning.

A process of cultural and technological innovation has made it possible to establish the LU-VE Group in Uboldo (Varese), Italy.

A solid, wide-ranging project consisting of 10 production companies and their sales subsidiaries in 12 countries.

LU-VE Group has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) Italia, since July 2015.

Datacenter forum Stockholm 2014 presentation (EN)

The use of modulating components in data center air conditioning for future proofing datacenters in an energy efficient way.

Relator: Andrea Monti, Sales Director